Step by step guide for planning Torres Del Paine

Aye, I’ll agree with Mr Attenborough on this one. Patagonia is the hidden gem of planet earth. Writing this 6-months on sends shivers up my scruffy backside thinking about it again. Absolutely, utterly, magnificent! Overview Step by step guide for planning Torres Del...
How to backpack Puerto Natales

How to backpack Puerto Natales

And so I ventured towards the end of the earth where everyman is Captain Birdseye and every women capable of putting Bear Grylls to shame. But not me and my TRX of course. Overview How to backpack Puerto Natales. I mean it’s cold. Not as cold as it got down in Ushuaia...

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Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's my mission and passion to help people achieve their fitness goals using a TRX absolutely anywhere. I've spent 5yrs TRX’ing 32 countries with no end in sight. If you're looking for a progressive TRX workout guide? Find it below. Here's to your Fitness Freedom!


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