8 cafes for digi nomads travelling Holbox

8 cafes for digi nomads travelling Holbox

My intake of coffee has exponentially increased since I became a digi nomad. More buzz than a Costa Rican bee Wifi was a struggle here But I found hitting some cafes at just the right time meant I could avoid the crowds and hog the bandwidth. 8 cafes for digi nomads...

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10 unique photo spots for travelling Holbox

10 unique photo spots for travelling Holbox

I'd live here with the noisy racoons as thy neighbour every-day of the week Why Holbox? 10 unique photo spots for travelling Holbox. Whilst I found Holbox was still finding its feet in terms of what it is. By that I mean Valladolid has it's small town colonial vibe,...

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Is it worth backpacking Isla Mujeres?

Is it worth backpacking Isla Mujeres?

I felt like Mario bombing around this little island on a golf buggy. The pit stops being hidden Caribbean bars and beaches hidden amongst the woods. Overview So, is it worth backpacking Isla mujeres? Well, I crashed at Poc na hostel, being honest it’s the place to be....

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TRX Traveller

I'm Adam, the TRX Traveller. My TRX Fitness Freedom Programs & Systems have helped people build lean muscle & lose weight to transform their body and mental well-being... using just a TRX suspension trainer at home. To live each day confident & energised (No experience required!).

Gain Fitness Freedom!

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Program Discounts

I am very pleased to offer 20% off for students and 15% off all for servicemen and servicewomen on all TRX and Resistance Band Workout Programs. Please email: with the Program you'd like to get started on and the below info, and I will send you a personal discount code asap:

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My Money-Back Guarantee To You

If the reviews and success stories didn’t already convince you, then hear me out. I am completely confident that the Fitness Freedom Programs will change how you workout forever.

In fact, I’m so confident, that if it doesn’t help improve your understanding of mindful muscle-centric TRX (or band) technique, change your body, and ultimately help you achieve your fitness goal, the Program is all yours FREE forever.


So, you’re free to join the whole Program, and try it out. Watch the teaching videos, read the training guides, join the private Facebook Group Community, drop me a message anytime and connect with your body like never before using the Programs…

If you follow the entire Program exactly as prescribed, and do not gain anything in the next 8 – 10 weeks than you ever had previously, you have the right to a prompt and full refund, no questions asked. Could any offer be fairer than that?

I didn’t create the Programs to ‘get rich’.

I created them because I love helping people ‘see the light’ by teaching them how to gain a Life of fitness freedom, and not lack results like I did for years inside a gym, confined and mindlessly ‘just moving’.

Gain your Fitness freedom! Adam, TRX Traveller