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One awesome reason to backpack Vinales

I lived with an old women who cooked me delicious, huge meals  mainly with steak. If she was single and on Tinder I would have married her.
One awesome reason to backpack Vinales. Staying in a casa, they’re more common than hostels, we were treated like royalty. I was here with my cousin who is Spanish, she conversed with the old lady about everything. She learnt her feelings towards Fiddel (he’d died the night before we arrived, selfish) the pros…

Nutrition and fitness tips for trekking at attitude

After recently trekking the ABC over 10 days in Nepal I found a few little tips helped me along the way.
Nutrition and fitness tips for trekking at attitude. These tips help in terms of not loosing muscle mass, aiding performance and good preparation.

Tiger balm, garlic, ginger and a date on a table with the Himalayan mountains in the backdrop

Nutrition recommendations when trekking

Ginger and garlic: Split the garlic and put it into your water bottle along with the ginger. It aids…