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Walking as a fat loss tool when combined with box breaths

Walking as a fat loss tool when combined with box breaths and nasal breathing is super effective. Nasal breathing The body is more efficient at oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange with nasal breathing as it utilises more lobes of the lungs. This means more oxygen...
Does running build muscle?

Does running build muscle?

Run wherever you are whenever you can. Does running build muscle? Sprinting, lifting your legs rapidly for long periods torches the fat around your abs while building muscle. It resets the mind and cleanses the soul and is the quickest and cheapest workout there is.

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Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's my mission and passion to help people achieve their fitness goals using a TRX absolutely anywhere. I've spent 5yrs TRX’ing 32 countries with no end in sight. If you're looking for a progressive TRX workout guide? Find it below. Here's to your Fitness Freedom!


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