A brief one-day layover travelling through from Ecuador to Medellin, via coach and flight left me satisfied. Like a short Tinder fling.


I arrived here with my small rucksack emptied by a sneaky looter going under the back of my seat and thieving a laptop, camera, ear phones and external battery. So it wasn’t the best start to the second home of the cartel but fair play to the fella for his skills. Lesson learnt – always sleep with your rucksack on your knee hugging the life out of it. Six weeks living in Ecuador made me lazy.

For me Cali is what it is. A fast pace city. It reminded me a little of Bogota on a smaller scale. There’s nice cobbled streets with quaint cafes and museums to see but in my opinion there’s much better cities to see them in. I was only there a full day accompanied by three fellow travellers making our way to Medellin. We called into Caelum hostel, they let us chill, smoke, drink and use it as a base until our flight to Medellin in the evening.


  • Read my post for travelling here via coach
  • Stay at Caelum hostel seemed rather lovely
  • If travelling here by coach from Ecuador, go in a group. The south of Colombia is known for buses getting stopped and looted
  • Use your time wandering the old town area
  • Go for the street helping normally organised by hostels, I was told it’s a great experience. Good karma


  • In my opinion stay for more than two days, there’s much better places.

… I don’t mean to poo poo the place. I feel once you’ve travelled for many months, small cities like this tend to blend into the same same.

Tips for healthy eats

  • In the old town, I forget the name, there’s a a couple of salad bars and nice café’s with healthy bites and smoothies.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • I was only there for a short space of time and didn’t go looking for any local markets but I did see a few supermarkets whilst wandering, so the option for meat purchase is there.

Where to exercise

Hostel gardens or one of the city gyms is your best bet. The park spaces that I saw weren’t the nicest or potentially the safest.


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