A city and culture in love with meat? I am 100% going!


Here’s why after travelling Buenos Aries I want to live there. I’d stay in Beunos Aries for the rest of my days. Aside from the meat reason, the empanadas and the Argentinian fiery passion. I found the city layout and infrastructure a mix of the best of Europe with the best of Latin America. I initially started my stay at Loki hostel, Christ that was a mistake. Like a school disco (I sharp changed to Hostel Rayuela). Luckily I had a friend here I’d met in Ushuaia who knew some Argentinians so I spent my days drinking, exploring and speaking Spanish with them. I mess. With my northern accent I can’t even speak English properly, my Spanish was utterly shocking back then. That’s why I stayed here for three weeks and took an intensive 2-week course.

Here's why after travelling Buenos Aries I want to live there. A view of the The busy streets in down town Bocas with people eating and wandering

A view of the The busy streets in down town Bocas

After 3 days in the school disco of Loki barely interacting with a soul I shifted to a recommended place called Hostel Rayuela in San Telmo. It was mint (great, good, wicked in the normal English tongue). This was home for for two and half weeks. The building is an old colonial structure ran by an ex-backpacker, in my opinion he had everything spot on and they even did a hostel Assado every Friday for cheap as hell. Sold. An Assado is an Argentian BBQ where you try every different cut of steak under the sun, and you get seconds/thirds.

Out with the disco in with the culture

I hit Monday Bongos two weeks in a row and got absolute hammered listening to an awesome set done by 30 people using steel drums and acoustics. Followed by an electronic club night and  Spanish school the next day. Thank Christ for mate, big help on the hangover front.

Here's why after travelling Buenos Aries I want to live there. A view of one of the many lush green parks in Buenos Aries with lots of trees, ideal for picnics

One of the many lush green parks in Buenos Aries, ideal for picnics

Together, with my Canadian friend from Ushuaia. We wandered the parks of Plaza Republica Federal de Brasil, barrio of Recoleta and headed out on the train to the waterways of Tigre, mate in hand. By night we checked out the old church of Tango. I’m up the creek when it comes to dancing but here it’s worth having a crack as most people, bar the initial pros, are in the same boat.

I figured I could handle Bocas Barrio on my own and set off one Saturday on a bus towards it. Stupidly I didn’t research well enough and got off at the wrong stop. I was in the deep end of Argentinians version Brookyln back in the 60’s and I was a white nerd with a backpack. Shat myself, would be the phrase. Taking refuge in a little dive of a food restaurant after receiving a lot of looks and people beginning to follow me. I asked directions, tripple checked them against maps.me and made a brisk walk for it when the coast got clear. The Bocas stadium was immense and so was the colourful barrio. Once you arrive here SAFELY it’s easy to spend an afternoon wandering it.


  • Visit the parks, cemetery and art museums
  • Drink mate until it comes out your eyes
  • Stay at Hostel Rayuela or join them for their Assado Fridays
  • Tango at the church
  • Eat a burger from EL Banco Rojo in San Telmo. Or 4 if you want to beat my tally
  • Take Spanish lessons at Boliviar Spanish School, great crew, social side and teachers
  • Wander Recoleta


  • Wander around the area of San Telmo at night solo, there’s a few dodgey characters around high on glue. They’re like zombies but will have a little jostle with you if they can
  • Stay at Loki if you’re after a more child place it really is a non-stop disco

I flew into BA from Ushuaia after spending 2 months in the Patagonian and south of Chile region. Endless mountains and endless land. Perhaps that’s why this city shined for me. I was desperate for civilisation. Either way it’s got something for every geezer and chica.

Here's why after travelling Buenos Aries I want to live there. A girl sitting on the waters edge looking at her friend
My two amigos sitting on the waters edge when we ventured out the city to the canal water ways

Tips for healthy eats

  • There’s plenty of supermarkets kicking around San Telmo to pick up the essentials. Down from Belgrano tube into the heart of San Telmo there’s smoothie bars and salad bars. To many to mention.
  • Los Arcos near Callao (D) tube stop is a blinder of a café famous for it’s sandwiches if you’re around that area after exploring the parks and cemetery.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • I bought the pre-cooked chickens in the super markets when I wasn’t enjoying the hostels steaks.
  • Also, I took the opportunity to stock up on protein, BCAA and Glutamine in the city from the local chemists.

Where to exercise

There’s a gym on the same street as Hostel Rayuela over the main dual-carriage-way road and down 2 or 3 blocks. It’s also not far from the Boliviar Spanish school. In the complete other direction along the water front there’s pull up bars and out-door gym equipment. Running along the coast is a great way to see the place and it’s a pleasure, the place is a beaut.

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Here's why after travelling Buenos Aries I want to live there
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Here's why after travelling Buenos Aries I want to live there
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