The benefits of using a resistance band

Published on: February 10, 2019

The benefits of using a resistance band for travel and home workouts are awesome and HUGE!

I used to look at resistance bands and think phaa!

No weighted resistance – It won’t work for me.

Silly boy.

The benefits of using a resistance band a exponential.

Bands have added new levels of goodness to my performance and physique.

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The best way to keep fit without a gym TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson after a TRX workout and home workout with resistance bands

The Benefits

I can be creative with it and over time have developed routines for being in a rush, craving a pump, pilates and yoga movements.

1. Total body workout within a 1m squared space, anywhere.

From wrapping it across the back and under the hands for tension hold press-ups.

Or under the heels and over the traps for squats.

I’ve found there’s no area I can’t work with a resistance band.

I’ve used it as a stretching tool on the ABC Himalayan trek.

Done high rows from trees in Patagonia.

Performed straight leg extensions on the beaches of Belize islands.

The best way to keep fit without a gym TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson after a TRX workout and home workout with resistance bands

2. Light weight and portable

Let’s be honest.

No one packs two 10kg dumbbells to curl in a 20kg allowance bag.

An easy level crossfit band weighs in at about 2kg max with a breaking tension force of over 50kg.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

When backpacking I’ve:

  • wrapped it around the bag for support
  • hung water bottles from it
  • attached trekking poles
  • also pots and pans

With my suitcase I’ve done the same and used it as an identifier on the carousel.

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The best way to keep fit without a gym TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson after a TRX workout and home workout with resistance bands

3. Time under tension

‘The pump’ is thrown around a lot in the fitness word.

Forcing lots of blood, water and nutrient into those muscles until they’re at bursting point.

I find with resistance bands I naturally train to bursting point.

3-5 seconds eccentric are a standard and the squeeze at peak is greater than I could achieve with most dumbbell workouts.

I’ve noticed specific gains in targeted areas from incorporating bands.

Challenging my nervous system in unique ways.

Some muscles respond better to long periods of constant tension than others but overall, most improve.

The benefits of using a resistance band conclusion

All in all the add up to a great functional fitness tool for me.

Have you ever used them?

What benefits have you fund? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll have a discussion.

I wrote a detailed post why I will never use a gym again here after using a TRX to exercise and the benefits of using a TRX here.

You can find many of my resistance band coaching videos here.

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The benefits of using a resistance band
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The benefits of using a resistance band
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