A mushroom tea that helps kill cancer, improve skin, increase immunity, has anti-toxins, vitamins and minerals

The benefits of drinking the Chaga mushroom tea

There are many teas claiming various health properties. Most in the form of leaves. But few in the form of mushrooms. Especially one as ugly as the chaga mushroom.

Chaga Tea, or the herbal healer is a tea derived from one of the worlds most sought after mushrooms. It can be in various parts of Canada, Europe, parts of northern America, and Korea. Where it is also known as a “gift of God” as a result of its healing and restorative properties.

Why buy and drink it?

  • The levels of antioxidants and vitamins that it offers are much higher than many other herbal teas. It has one of the highest antioxidant level in the entire world. These anti-toxins prevent cell damage from free radicals.
  • High in vitamins such as calcium, iron, manganese, as well as vitamins B, K, and vitamin D2
  • It aids the body by having antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties.
  • Studies have shown that drinking this tea helps the body to naturally fight off certain cancers. Chaga tea has shown particularly high promise in fighting off prostate cancers.
The benefits of drinking the Chaga mushroom tea. Mushrooms growing in the forest

The benefits of drinking the Chaga mushroom tea.

Preparation can take a while. The bag should be left to steep in the hot water for 10 – 15 minutes. The taste is slightly bitter so adding a sweetener can help with this.

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