As soon as I got there I wanted to get out. Sadly food poisoning kicked in and I spent 3 very lonely, ill days in the best hotel I could find. Which was shite.


So, what to expect backpacking Uyuni with advice and tips.

This place is how I picture the wild west, with hay bails rolling down the empty streets. Ideally I was looking at getting an overnight coach here arriving in the morning and leaving on a tour by the afternoon, ooh how wrong I was. After my last market meal in La Paz I grabbed two of these weird looking seed biscuits, the thought of them now makes me want to puke and I’m writing this 6 month on. I imagine they’d been handled by all sorts of man, monster, flemgrot with lots of lovely bacteria breeding in my stomach on the coach. Fuck.

What to expect backpacking Uyuni with advice and tips. The endless desert expanse with mountains in the background

The views on the 4 day salt flat tour. Like being on the moon

(Above, a taste what you’ll see on the salts flats tour, the moon!). I knew something was wrong towards the end on the coach ride and managed to make it into a hotel, just, and into my room for explosive everything. It lasted 3 days. I didn’t leave my room other than to head to the only chemist (a stable shack) which was open for two hours a day for electrolytes and orange juice.

Here’s some words of advice for these types of situations:

  1. Stock up on salt, electrolytes and sugary drinks when you know it’s kicking in. The main reason you feel bad is de-hydration. Even though you’re drinking lots of water to flush it out you’re not in taking enough salts for your body to store that water. It goes straight through you. You need to take these in moderation consistently after every spell of the shits and sickness.
  2. To get rid of it quickly force yourself to puke by sticking your hands down your throat. If you can puke, drink a ½ pint of water with salts, wait 5 mins and then force yourself to puke again and repeat this several times you’ll flush the bug / problem out much quicker. Puking then returning to bed to foetal for an hour until your body makes you puke just drags it out. Trust me I’ve experimented over the travelling years.


  • Go with Red Planet for a wicked 3 day salt tour adventure. You can read about my review of it here.
  • Eat at Donna Isabella for decent grub
  • If you have to stay a night I’d grab a nice hotel like Salcay Hotel, they’re cheap enough almost the same as the hostels.
  • Bring lots of cash here. There’s only one cash point and it does run out.
  • Go VIP for the overnight bus to Uyuni – full carma.


  • Leave it till last minute to book the tour if you’re in a big group. Solo you should be fine but ideally I’d book up in advance.

What to expect backpacking Uyuni with advice and tips. The reflection illusion created by the salt flats of the sky and clouds
The reflection illusion created by the salt flats of the sky and clouds

So there’s what to expect backpacking Uyuni with my advice and tips. It is a gate-way to an amazing adventure it’s just not most picturesque gate-way.

Tips for healthy eats

  • The hotel breakfast was pretty decent, plenty of fruit and eggs. Hence why I’d advise staying in one.
  • The little town area had a few restaurants but it’s very basic stuff

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • Rely on your protein powder, snacks such as jerky and BCAA for this place bought from Bolivia.

Where to exercise

Rest up, there’s no where and won’t be for the whole salt tour. Use the time to chill and refresh to then hit it hard when you arrive at your next destination. Follow one of my plans here leading up to this tour to feel ready for the rest.

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