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I’m not often a one to write cons but I felt this one was worthy of mention. So to the pro’s and cons of travelling the Mahahual Coast line.

When I walked off the coach and onto the coast line I was a little sceptical. Aye it was nice, golden sands, blue water but there was a lot of beach front bars and a huge cruise ship off the coast up ahead. Sure enough within my first 10 yards I heard the resounding OMG yank. Loud and potty mouthed. Standard. I should have checked previous, it was a cruise ship day stop destination. At least that meant they’d be gone by eve, praise the lord! And the peaceful Eco cabanas bluekay were coming into sight.

Pro's and cons of travelling the Mahahual Coast. A pink rental bike parked up on the lush green coastline of Mahahual

Renting a bike and coating the shoreline is a pleasure in the lush environment

I was with my cousin on this little venture. We walked right up the beach to the very end past all the tourist heavy traffic and shops to a hostel called Eco cabanas bluekay. A little wooden hut right on the beach front, ideal bloody ideal! I mean it was small, nothing fancy but a shack on the beach for cheap as chips you can’t complain. We settled ourselves and wandered out to the golden sand front.

And so to the pro’s

It was truly glorious! Away from the crowds it was utter peace. The front gardens had free hammocks, lounges and breakout areas with palm trees. I’d already eyed up ding dong one to hang the TRX from.

After a solid days sun lounging we decided to eat out on the eve and headed down to the central area in search of Chiladas (topped larger with salts , lime and spice) and ceviche. The centre was alright, nothing special if I’m honest. We sharp realised the beauty of this place was the peace at the top end and some relaxation time for a couple of days with coconut pinas in hand from the little stalls man.


  • Stay at Eco cabanas bluekay north of the beach (walk along the beach so the sea is on your right) they’re quiet little beach huts away from the tourist town
  • Visit this place for a couple of days, I’d say that’s enough unless you know of more pro’s and cons of travelling the Mahahual Coast to balance the scales
  • Try and time it when the cruise ships don’t stop there otherwise you are surrounded by Americans, gun to head
  • Enjoy strolling up and down the coast Enjoy a few drinks in the many bars along the coast you’ll find a few with cracking cocktails for reasonable prices


  • Come here if you’re short on time there are better places such as Tulum, Bacalar or Holbox
  • Stay in the main town, it’s very touristy and you will get hassled a lot
  • Get ripped off by the many tourist traps they cater for the American cruise ships

The waters are typical of the Caribbean coastline blue, hot and full of birds (both types). The coast offers miles of beach to walk along and sticking close to the water means you avoid the American hot spots on the boardwalk area. There’s a couple of bike hires if you’re up for an adventure and some local tours nearby but if you’re travelling onto Belize or up to Tulum save yourself the money and spend it better there

Pro's and cons of travelling the Mahahual Coast. A woman standing on a peer along the coastline looking out to sea
The cousin pondering, looking out to sea

Tips for healthy eats

  • The main centre town kinda feels like Benidorm.
  • There’s the odd quiet little restaurant tucked down the side streets. We stumbled upon one that did a cracking ceviche. If you wander enough, I imagine you’ll find your delicacy.
  • The food at Eco cabanas bluekay was really good for the small hostel it is. Free breakfast on a morning was eggs, fruit and they offered some simple but nice BBQ chicken, rice and veg.
  • The kitchen was a decent size to cook in and there’s a little supermarket about a 5 min walk called super Carolina, I remember this as my cousin, named Carol, demanded a bloody pic outside of it.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • The restaurants in town, all-be-it touristy, do have some cracking fresh fish dishes and ceviche, you just need to wander to find your fancy.
  • Stay off the front beach to avoid the tourist price
  • As I mentioned, the food at Eco cabanas bluekay was actually really good. Free breakfast on a morning was eggs, fruit and they offered some simple but nice BBQ chicken, rice and veg.
  • You can find sliced meats and smoked meats at the supermarkets but I couldn’t find any markets selling fresh meat or veg close by.

Where to exercise

Now this was good. 8am get up, walk out the wooden cabana and straight forward onto the quiet little private beach to a palm tree, blue ocean right behind you. It doesn’t get any easier or any better. Eco cabanas bluekay’s little area is spot on. Just grab one of my plans and get going.

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Pros and cons of travelling the Mahahual Coast
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Pros and cons of travelling the Mahahual Coast
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