So good I went back again.


Well it’s just peace, absolute peace on a seven colour lake of wonder. Simply, that’s why travelling Bacalar is spectacular.

I found the tiny town offered enough variety to keep me entertained. Coupled with the party boats that take you out on the lake for a day and my hostel Posada lulu la bruja situated bang on the lake. It was hard to not stay here for a long time. I was picking up yoga vibes and I couldn’t really argue. The space is perfect for it.

Why travelling Bacalar is spectacular. The look of from Po

Why travelling Bacalar is spectacular

I was waking up. Toddling down to the waters edge and having a dip in the fresh, highly oxygenated water to wake up. Posada lulu la bruja had a purpose built large yoga platform looking over the lake. It energised me every day to work-out on there. From yoga with fellow backpackers to my own little plans early doors.

It’s a boat trip!

I loved the boat trip on the lake. As much as it was a mini booze cruise if you picked the right crowd. It was also fascinating to hear about the lake itself. It has no living animals in it as there’s too much oxygen. It’s kept like that by ancient rock formations dating back to the prehistoric age that flood it with O2.

Why travelling Bacalar is spectacular. Three people standing around a boat on Bacalar lake front jetty

There’s only one way to travel around the lake

They took us exploring round the caverns, mud baths and tree tops edges. Where you can face your fears and dive into huge sink holes from 20ft. I could have ate the spread they put on for days. I picked up a nifty little seasoning trick for larger and fruits. There’s a Mexican salt and lime seasoning when sprinkled over fruits adds another dimension. When sprinkled on the top of larger, well now we’re talking. It became my little party trick for the continuing backpacking venture south.


  • Travel here via tourist bus the route up and down the east from Cancun is very safe
  • Stay at Posada lulu la Bruja, t’s epic garden on the lake front will be your paradise
  • Wander into the main little town and allow yourself to get lost amongst the many arty shops
  • Take a boat tour onto the lake making sure they allow drink, put on a food spread and play music
  • Enjoy covering yourself in natural and cleansing sulphuric mud on the boat tour
  • Head down to the bars and restaurants near the main square on the lake for some lovely views and typical Insta shots
  • Get your yoga game on here
  • Take the time to enjoy the lake for a few days it’s completely safe to swim and being packed full of oxygen with no salt no animal life exists in it. Swimming right out still feels dogey but its exhilarating


  • Stay in one of the cheap party hostels. In my view this is a time to relax and unwind in nature
  • Expect this to be a party place with lots of bars, it’s the opposite
  • Stay in town, the beauty of this place is waking up and jumping into the seven colour lake

The little shops in town are full of art, flowers and a variety of stalls. All within a short 5 – 10 min walk of Posada lulu la bruja. There’s a decent mix of cheap Mexican food and cocktails amongst friendly locals. There’s party hostel offerings like Green Monkey and boutique hotels and bed stays closer to the town. Whatever you’re after you can find it here in this small little gem of place. It’s certainly worth stopping off at if you’re heading south to Belize. Let me know if travelling Bacalar is spectacular for you too.

Tips for healthy eats

  • The meals at Posada lulu la bruja are all vegan and cooked amazingly. The restaurant area is stunning amongst the gardens and well worth a night eating here. It’s very reasonable for what it is and super healthy.
  • Along the street outside of the hostel if you turn left there’s a local shop that sells a small variety of veg, fruit and grains.
  • There is a selection of restaurants in town but they mainly focus on Mexican food and European.
  • There are fresh fruit and veg stalls in the centre and a mini supermarket for grabbing your own food to cook.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • The meals at Posada lulu la bruja are all vegan. They do offer protein dishes from greens but you won’t quite get the level as from a meat dish.
  • Along the street outside if you turn left there’s a little BBQ man (assuming he’s still there) outside a local shop that sells a small variety of veg, fruit, grains and eggs.
Why travelling Bacalar is spectacular. A girl stands in the blue waters of Bacalars seven colour lake
The cousin enjoying the blue waters of Bacalars seven colour lake

Where to exercise

Posada lulu la bruja had beautiful gardens looking out over the lake. You’ll struggle to find a better suited place to expense some energy. It also had a purpose built exercise raised platform big enough for ten people. Occasionally they’d hold yoga evenings on it but it was free for all when not used for that.

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