At home TRX Boulder Shoulders in 3 moves workout

Published on: June 16, 2020

Here’s 3 TRX exercises you can do at home (or anywhere!) to achieve boulder shoulders.

Requested by @Lucyoshea, @_mikegruber, @Mr.longa, @richiemurphy, @tiago.cabrita on Instagram. The key to 4D shoulder development that looks great from all angles is growing the middle and rear deltoid and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on here.

Give these 3 TRX exercises a whirl. They target the medial and posterior deltoid (middle and back muscles of the shoulder) to build rounded 4d shoulders that pop

1.Back shoulder muscle (posterior deltoid)⁣

TRX T’S (reverse fly palms down grip)⁣ 3sets x 12-20reps⁣ ⁣

2.Middle shoulder muscle (medial deltoid)⁣

TRX FRONT RAISES⁣ 3sets x 12-20reps⁣ ⁣

3.Middle and back shoulder muscle (medial and posterior deltoid)⁣

TRX T’S (reverse fly hammer grip)⁣ 3sets x 12-20reps⁣

If you really want to work up a burn – do one exercise immediately followed by another as a giant set.

The key isn’t full range of motion, hence why my movements are very small. The key is keeping the shoulder muscles under constant tension using just enough range of motion to maintain that.

Don’t allow them to relax.⁣ ⁣

Between the 12-20 rep range mark the burn kicks in, lots of blood and nutrient rushing to the shoulder area as the muscle fibres break down.

I’ve had a great 3 months working on a lean bulk with my TRX training. But with the strict 2 week lock down / curfew here in Buenos Aires and the need to make food last.

It seems the right time to begin a little cut starting today by halving my carb in take. (Plus I need to leave some food for @themoonontheotherside). Excited to see what’s under the fluff over the coming weeks!⁣

TRX’ing in: Buenos Aires

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At home TRX Boulder Shoulders in 3 moves workout

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