Hello, I’m Adam the TRX Traveller

I truly believe everyone can have the ability to achieve their fitness goals anywhere with a TRX or Resistance Band and a specific Program that matches that goal.

Hopefully, my TRX and Band Programs match your goals and if they do – I guarantee that you will see results if you use them!

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I’ve always had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and application in fitness and nutrition, but there was a time when it was a blessing and a curse. I also love to travel (backpacking), experiencing other cultures and often throwing myself into the mercy of Mother Nature, trekking in the likes of The Himalayas and Patagonia. However, I used to have an unhealthy psychological reliance on gyms believing fitness results only existed in them. I believed I had to have a gym in my life at all times and be close to one at all times. This led to a whole host of confining beliefs, such as:

“I can’t travel anywhere that doesn’t have a gym” or

“I can’t be away from a gym for more than a few days”

Quite limiting thoughts, right?

On top of that was the practical application of using a gym – In London the cheapest ‘usable’ gym is around £40 a month, that’s £480 a year. I used to pay for a gym in London that averaged £50 a month for ten years. That’s £6000. I believe I spent on average 3 minutes waiting for something or someone in the gym within a one hour session. I trained on average 5 times a week. That’s 15mins a week, 780 mins a year, 7800 mins in ten years. That’s 130 hours I’ve spent waiting for a spare bench, squat rack or dumb-bell, 5 and a half days of my life. That’s a waste!

Finally one day back in London 2016…

… after the gym ‘bro lifting’ atmosphere, expense, endless waiting and all round frustrations of the gym environment had taken their tolls.

I upped and left London to backpack South America with nothing but a TRX and a resounding strong will to maintain, if not to improve, my overall fitness. Cut to 4+ years later and I’m in the best shape of my life, both physically and psychologically, after discovering the HUGE fitness possibilities achievable anywhere with a TRX. It’s now my mission and passion to help people gain fitness freedom and achieve their fitness goals absolutely anywhere using a TRX.

Gain Fitness Freedom

I wrote an article on the physiological benefits of using a TRX here and the psychological benefits of using a TRX here if you’re interested to know more.

I owe my foundational knowledge in fitness and nutrition to my level 3 PT diploma and TRX courses. However, I owe my results to practical experience, my endless obsession researching science-based literature in fitness and health, and to a certain number of people I find truly inspirational: Ben Pakulski; Jeff Nippard; Dr Chris Spearman; Alicia Gowens; Erik Helms; John Meadows and Jeff Cavaliere (AthleanX). They are, in my opinion, leading experts within their field and have a fantastic ability to communicate health optimisation and fitness in a pragmatic way that we can all understand. I consume all they have to offer and would advise you to skim their content for anything that peaks your interest and aligns to your goals (I link to their most useful resources in the ‘Resource and Recommendation’ sections in my programs).

All the above I mould and deliver to you in my programs…

…I take my foundational knowledge, scientific reading / research and learnings from inspirational peers combined with my own TRX experience and results, and mould it all into my TRX programs. The programs are an accumulation of what I believe are leading scientific-evidence-based results in health and fitness, specifically shaped for you to achieve TRX fitness freedom.

Adam, TRX Traveller

P.S if you require any tips and recommendations for travelling, backpacking or living life as a digital nomad – I’ve done it all across a large amount of our beautiful world and would be more than happy to pass on some gems. A lot of them you can find within my blog or reach out to me anytime via @trxtraveller.


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2002 - 2015

In the gym, coaching and teaching


TRX'ing and backpacking across Central and South America.

Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Patagonia, Argentina, Brazil


TRX'ing and trekking in The Himalayas of North India and Nepal.

North Indian Himalayas trekking, Delhi, Jaipur, Pushkar, Katmandu, ABC Annapurna trek, Pokhara, Chitwan.

2018 - 2019

TRX'ing and nomad living in

Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Argentina


TRX'ing and nomad living in

Argentina, Thailand, Bali, Australia


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