My intake of coffee has exponentially increased since I became a digi nomad. More buzz than a Costa Rican bee

Wifi was a struggle here

But I found hitting some cafes at just the right time meant I could avoid the crowds and hog the bandwidth. 8 cafes for digi nomads travelling Holbox. When the clouds rolled in or the rain started to pour it was time to find THE cafe with THE coffee and THE deserts. I couldn’t find anywhere with ‘fast’ internet, which seemed to be accepted on the island and it’s kind of nice. It certainly made me cut myself off from work and social media. Some days I find I clock-up more hours working away as a digi nomad than I did working as normal human in London. I suppose the main reason – I now love what I do. But regardless, work is work and any form can be stress and nagging so good to have a solid excuse to tune-off.

Accommodation was easy on Holbox: Tribu Hostel. Recommended by fellow travellers and we could sharp see why. Roof-top yoga, bar and live acoustic music scenes meant the balance was spot-on between relaxing and socialising without the heavy hangovers. Anyway, when I did unfold the Mac these were my 8 cafes for digi nomads travelling Holbox.

1. Hotel plaza El Pueblito cafe

Peace in the middle of bustle. It’s small, it’s quiet and plonked in the middle of a plaza of lush green. Great coffee and cookies to nibble on and generally quiet most of the time. This was my no.1 place.

Wifi?Slowish, struggles just to upload an instagram photo. Browsing and email is doable but slow.
LocatedJust above the main square on the street to the pier. Look left as soon as you walk off the square, head in towards the back and it’s on your right.

2. Basilico

Fancy-dancy with people watching and fancy cushioned seats with FANTASTIC latte’s. Sitting myself right on the front ledges looking out this was the typical crossed legged ‘look at me with my Mac scene.’ And I bloody loved it. The cafe itself is the most visually pleasing out of them all on the island, as far as interior design goes.

Wifi?I’m going to say good. Easy Instagram uploading, email downloading and light web page browsing.
LocatedLocated on one of the main streets off the main square that leads down to the beach.

3. Las Empa

There’s two reasons to go here. The first – for the Empanadas, the second – for the Yerba Mate. A tiny little Argentinian joint that’s cracking if you just want to write up a quick blog post or compose a draft email. A 30min pit stop I’d call it. Or just simply an epic place to grab an empanada!

Wifi?Borrowed from the cafe next door, very slow.
LocatedFacing the beach it’s to the left of the island two streets back from the beach not far from Tribu Hostel.

4. The new (Dec 2018) cafe with no name

Cute and cosy. I found great coffee, over enthusiastic servers who will chat all day long and slightly over-priced food. But the setting was a gem and the place is health-yoga-health scenes. It’s a social vibe with everyone sitting rather close together inside, unless you grab a table outdoors. The coffee wasn’t too expensive I’d place it at medium price range on the island.

Wifi?Decent, I could browse and upload.
LocatedNext door to Roots and Naay just one street off from the main square heading south of the island, backside. If that makes sense?

5. Posada Mawimbi

For drinking coffee in paradise this is it. It’s a hotel but passing it on the beach front you wouldn’t really think to walk up and in. However, heading in from the main street through the backend you come across their small hidden restaurant/cafe. It’s not a cheap eat/drink place but the setting is a postcard. Fancy china and good quality coffee. They lack the barrister knowledge to make good cappuccinos but an espresso or americano are spot on.

Wifi?Very good, hotel fast good.
LocatedHead south out of town down the main street that leads all the way to the bottom of the island and the many hotels. After 5 mins, on your left you’ll see the hotel entrance. Walk through and grab a coffee at the beach cafe.

6. El cafecito

Cheap gem of a place that feels like a working environment. It was low cost and offered great quality coffee, snacks and small deserts. I was a fan of the out-front seating for people watching. Probably saw the most amount of beavers on their laptops here. Kind of feels like a friendly space for it as apposed to some cafes where you feel awkward screen staring.

Wifi?It’s dial up speed.
LocatedNext to Las Empas (number 3) not far from Tribu Hostel. Facing the beach it’s to the left of the island two streets back from the beach front.

7. Colibri cafe

The guy who owns it is a barrister. He has one hell of a coffee making machine setup and knows his roasts. The place is a drench of colour and has some of the best wifi on the island. Go between meal times for a chunk of peace and natter to the owner along with being able hog the wifi. Price is very cheap for the very good quality coffee.

Wifi?Fast, if you go between the crowds
LocatedOpposite Maxi Carne on the top corner of the main town square.

8. Painapol 

Very tourist popular. The ‘place to be seen’. I was after a proper cappuccino and this place didn’t disappoint. Good coffee and well made, they know their stuff. However, on the food front they did disappoint. I opted for the chicken salad which came in at around £9 for some leaves and three chunks of chicken. Not a happy bunny. That being said I did see the smoothie bowls and they looked AWESOME, hindsight – I’d pick one of those. It’s an atmosphere of holiday makers who have left their hotels for the first time. Nice experience but a little awkward to work in for too long. Go between meal times for a tad more peace.

LocatedOn a street heading towards the beach off the main square.

Know any others?

Aside from my 8 cafes for digi nomads travelling Holbox – Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list with a thank you to your fine-self. I loved TRX’ing here, the beaches offer your own private palm tree and white sand gym floor. You can find the workout plans I use living as a digi nomad here

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