I’ve got out there. And I mean OUT THERE. In the Mexican jungle to suddenly have a problem with my Mac. Wishing I’d done these checks from experience before leaving.

The checklist

Hindsight is bloody awesome. 7 top tips tech checklist for digital nomads before travelling.

After years of living as a digital nomad, backpacking the world. Here’s my hindsight tech checklist to do before leaving home for your holiday, travel, backpacking adventure or no-end in sight nomad life.

I use a MacBook Air 13 inch early 2015 4GB memory 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5

1. Get a google drive 100GB account for your essential and important docs

I backup all my photos, remote work and essential documents to this whenever I get decent internet from a hostel, AirBnB or a café. Before I left to live this nomad life I had all the folder structure ready and my main essentials documents backed up. Now I just constantly top it up whenever I can.

It stores your documents in the cloud and on your laptop. Basically clones whatever is in the Google drive folder on your desktop. And it costs £2 a month. It’s extremely worth it. Worse case scenario I loose my laptop. All I need do is re-install Google drive to gain access to my most important docs.

2. Take a solid state external hard drive for your large software backups

And movies. The Google drive is great but it’s limited unless you want to pay more for the 500gb. Taking an external, or two. With backups of your entire Google Drive (as a third backup for your important docs) and any large files that are important if you lost your laptop. Things like graphics software, iphone photos or any backups of devices or catalogs.

3. Download OSX install disk images

I take my current OSX, one before and one after. In this current case I have Sierra, mavericks and the latests version Mojave disk images on my external. Just in case some software doesn’t work with the current OSX. Put them onto your external hard drive. If you need to wipe your mac or it screws up, you’re going to need to re-install the OSX platform.

7 top tips tech checklist for digital nomads before travelling

You’re going to want to make sure you buy the lightest weight hard drives for times like these.

4. Take a 10gb memory stick to use as a boot drive for the OSX install disk images

Once you’ve got your OSX disks you need a way to boot them onto your laptop should the worst happen. The worst being you need to wipe it. Taking a little USB will allow to you to create a bootable disk image with any of the OSX you’ve downloaded.

5. Along with taking installable Adobe software disk images on your external

These files are normally massive, too big for the Google Drive. Backup the install disk images onto your external drive. If you need to purchase a new laptop you’ve got the install disks ready to go.

6. Backup your phone and copy the backup onto your external

It’s all good backing up your phone onto your laptop. But if you loose both, like I did travelling from Cali to Medellin via bus. Actually they got cleverly nicked from my bag. Then you’re screwed. Like I was. Having the backup of your phone on your external means that you can buy a new laptop and phone and restore your phone. You can find the location of the backup in your preferences.

7. Also backup your pre-sets and catalogs from Lightroom and set the destination to your Google Drive (if you’re a keen travel photographer)

It’s the little things like this that piss me off when I loose my laptop / gets nicked. I love my photography and having to re-create editing pre-sets is a pain in the ass. Especially if you’re bang in the middle of editing a set. Remembering to simply backup your library and pre-sets. Save them to your google drive is a massive little win.

Know any others?

Let me know if the comments and I’ll add them to the list with a special mention of thanks. Safe travels!

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7 top tips tech checklist for digital nomads before travelling
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7 top tips tech checklist for digital nomads before travelling
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