• BCAAThe foundations of protein synthesis and muscle building. The body can’t produce these and so they must be ingested from food/supps. It’s often difficult to find adequate sources of nutrition to supply your body with the required levels of BCAA for maintaining and increasing fitness whilst travelling. Having these little gems helps with that. Grab them here
  • GlutamineTaking these supps aids in reducing muscle breakdown and improves protein metabolism. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles—over 61% of skeletal muscle is Glutamine thus it’s essential to meet your body’s demand for it. Grab them here
  • Hit your daily protein requirements when you can (1g per pound of body weight)
  • Use myfitnesspal and know your macros and change the depending on where your traveling is taking you, trekking – bulk, beach times – slowly diet etc
  • In a country where meat isn’t available – eat frequently in a calories surplus so your body doesn’t break down muscle for energy
  • Train in a two split when you can – upper body one day, lower body the next. You never no when you’re going to be able to train and when you can’t with the many adventures getting in the way so take advantage and do all muscle groups when you can
  • Compound exercises are king, keep it simple. Pull ups and press up back to back pump everything upper. Crossfit band squats or TRX single leg squats pump everything lower.
  • You can find what fitness gear I recommend taking here when travelling or to train anywhere without a gym for that matter

TRX Traveller

Well pet, I’m a Bakewell Tart fiend, straight talking (with a slight twang), nutrition nutter, fond exercise go’er and surfing enthusiast. Visual creativity and fitness are my career and travelling my passion. So I decided to mix them, permanently, and left the London grind for a life of nomad travel. This is where I document it, like a hamster stashing his nuts. I hope you find my destination writings helpful, my nutrition posts informative and my workouts energising. Drop me a message on Insta anytime. Adam. P.S Find me here: